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Specs Description
Connectivity CDMA2000/1X/EVDO 800/1900MHz; WIMAX IEEE802.16e; EVDO: up to 3.1Mbps DL & 1.8Mbps UL; WIMAX: up to 10Mbps DL & 4Mbps UL; Micro USB High Speed; 802.11 b/g/n
Memory MicroSD supports up to 32GB
Dimensions 4.29 x 2.36 X 0.66 inches; 4.4 oz
Battery Talk-Time up to 4 hours; Stand-by up to 100 hours; Capacity 2200 mA
- See more at: http://www.huaweideviceusa.com/products/tech_specs?id=55#sthash.LCqeXaIF.dpuf
Key Features:
EVDO Rev 0/A & WiMAX) • Small, pocket sized     design • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
• Up to 74 hours standby     time / Up to 7.5 hours work       time (2200 mAh battery) • Intelligent power control     for longer battery life
• Utilizes a Web Interface     for quick connection • On-screen status     display for showing     battery life, signal     strength and     connected users. • microSD™ card slot    (supports up to 32GB)    to provide central file     storage for all connected     devices

Come Lets Unlock smartly with our genuine with Our (c) huawei 2014 License 

Requirments :

 IMEI number , unlock code

know Your IMEI ;- Open the device back side nearly SIM slot and look the 15 digit number

Or dial *#06# from your device

For unlock Code submit details contact form ( top page right side )

Unlocking Procedure  Sprint Huawei EC5072

1.make sure your  Sprint Huawei EC5072 WiFi MiFi mobile router Is 20% atleast charged 

2.Change The  Default sim to any Other Network Sim on your unlock Sprint Huawei EC5072 WiFi MiFi mobile router 

3.now this time your Sprint Huawei EC5072  WiFi MiFi mobile router Says INVALID SIM Or any other SIm rejuction Message pop up.  dont worry just continue 

4.now establish your Sprint Huawei EC5072  WiFi MiFi mobile router to your PC or lap or MAC or IPAD devices any

5.connect your Sprint Huawei EC5072  WiFi MiFi mobile router to PC and go to or http://pocket.wifi .  

and login your device software ( dashboard) -> go to advanced setting -> unlock device 

ENTER unlock code.    success    Enter your Huawei Router Model no *

U need Unlock Code email me Your Imei No [email protected] (Or ) Place a Order Form from your right side of this page ( contact form like name, IMEI,country )

know Your IMEI ;- Open the device back side nearly SIM slot and look the 15 digit number

Or dial *#06# from your device

For unlock Code submit details contact form ( top page right side )


Dont enter wrong codes Otherwise its fully locked permenently, For unlock code Send  Your details easily  in our contact form in top page " Unlock form "

Or email   [ [email protected]


For Your Information :

Before Unlock Read the Benifits 

First, a locked modem/router means that it will only work with 1 specific carrier.  For example, almost all the modem/routers that you will find at

 a Cingular/Sprint Huawei EC5072 store will only work with a Cingular/Sprint Huawei EC5072 SIM card.  The same goes for Sprint Huawei EC5072.  If you don't plan on switching to another carrier then there really is no need for an unlocked modem/router.

The main benefit of having an unlocked modem/router is that you can take any SIM card, from any carrier and put it in your modem/router.  

So if sign up for service with Sprint Huawei EC5072 and decide to switch to Sprint Huawei EC5072, you can use the modem/router that you bought from Sprint Huawei EC5072.  Another benefit is for international use.  

While Sprint Huawei EC5072 and Sprint Huawei EC5072 both offer international plans, they are usually expensive.  If your modem/router is unlocked you can purchase a prepaid SIM in the country you are traveling to for temporary use.

After here Unlocking u can use any carrier lifetime

Now Clear your doubts ! ? 

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