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*Jailbreak How to Unlock huawei E586,E586Bs,E586Bs-2,E586Bs-6,E586Es-5,E586DS ,E586DS-2 ( Unlock code , instructions, apn, free guide )

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available models 

 Unlock E586 Huawei Router 

 Unlock E586BS 

 Unlock E586DS 

 Unlock E586ES 

 Unlock E586S 

 Unlock E586 Singapore Bright Point

 Unlock E586Bs Jordan Umniah

 Unlock E586Bs Philippines Smart 

 Unlock E586Bs Spain Telia Sonera

 Unlock E586Bs Puerto Rico Claro

 Unlock E586Bs-2 Finland Sonera

 Unlock E586Bs-2 Philippines 

 Unlock E586Bs-2 Viet Nam

 Unlock E586Bs-6 Movistar Ecuador 

 Unlock E586Ds-2 H3G United Kingdom

 Unlock E586Ds-2 H3G United Kingdom

 Unlock E586Es United Kingdom 

 HUAWEI Unlock E586 Telefonica Ireland 

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs Chile Entel

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs Ireland Telefonica

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Norway Elkjop

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Syriatel Syrian

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Meteor Ireland

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Saudi Arabia STC

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Spain YOIGO

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Denmark 

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Holand Capestone

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Denmark Boston

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Channel Northeast Europe

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 Open market Germany

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-2 A1TA Austria

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-6 Tigo Paraguay

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-6 Philippines channel

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-6 Porto Rico Claro

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Bs-6 Smart Philippines

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Es-2 Globe Philippines 

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Es-2 Australia iinet

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Es-2 Livewire HongKong 

 HUAWEI Unlock E586Es-5 NEXTEL Mexico

 HUAWEI Unlock E586s-2 Turkey KKTcell

How to Unlock Your Router  :

1. Make sure your Huawei Mobile WiFi  router  is charged At-least 20 %

2. Just insert a non acceptable Other Network sim on your Huawei Mobile WiFi router of . (You have to use another than Original sim into your router).

3. After changing the another network providers sim on your Huawei WiFi / MiFi switch the device on. It will display “Invalid SIM” because you have used another network providers sim.

4. Now just establish a WiFi connection to Huawei Mobile WiFi Unlock  router from with your PC / IPAD / IPHONE / Android Device

5. Connect your Huawei Mobile WiFi router from  with PC and got to or http://pocket.wifi and login to your device’s dashboard at or http://pocket.wifi. Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings  - Unlock Device – Enter sim lock code – Click on Apply.


Open your Settings – Dial-up – Unlock SIM card – Enter sim lock code in your Huawei Mobile WiFi router of  Click OK and the device will reboot to display the new network

Sim lock code

Note :-

Don’t try to insert wrong sim lock code  into your Router E586 , For Unlock code  send details on contact form ( top page right side )

Or email :  [email protected]

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Purchase Online Your Genuine Code (c) Huawei 2014

select model : E586

   E5221s-2 Indonesia Indosat   E5221s Tanzania   E5221s-2 Degrees(New Zealand)   E5221s-2 Russian Federation Open    E5221s-2 Singapore   E5221s-2 DMEG(Philippines)   E5221s-2 Channel Saudi Arabia   ,Unlock code E586    ,Unlock code E586BS    ,Unlock code E586DS    ,Unlock code E586ES    ,Unlock code E586S    ,Unlock code E586 Singapore Bright Point   ,Unlock code E586Bs Jordan Umniah   ,Unlock code E586Bs Philippines Smart    ,Unlock code E586Bs Spain Telia Sonera   ,Unlock code E586Bs Puerto Rico Claro   ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Finland Sonera   ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Philippines    ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Viet Nam   ,Unlock code E586Bs-6 Movistar Ecuador    ,Unlock code E586Ds-2 H3G ,United Kingdom   ,Unlock code E586Ds-2 H3G ,United Kingdom   ,Unlock code E586Es ,United Kingdom    HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586 Telefonica Ireland    HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs Chile Entel   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs Ireland Telefonica   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Norway Elkjop   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Syriatel Syrian   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Meteor Ireland   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Saudi Arabia STC   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Spain YOIGO   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Denmark    HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Holand Capestone   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Denmark Boston   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Channel Northeast Europe   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 Open market Germany   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-2 A1TA Austria   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-6 Tigo Paraguay   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-6 Philippines channel   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-6 Porto Rico Claro   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Bs-6 Smart Philippines   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Es-2 Globe Philippines    HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Es-2 Australia iinet   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Es-2 Livewire HongKong    HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586Es-5 NEXTEL Mexico   HUAWEI ,Unlock code E586s-2 Turkey KKTcell

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