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*Jailbreak swisscom. E5330 Huawei Unlock mobile travel hotspot-switzerland ( Use all networks ) how to unlock swisscom Travel hotspot, unlock procedure, unlock code

The hotspot that fits in any pocket Super Fast Internet How fast is your connection? With the Mobile Travel hotspot you surf on the best mobile network in Switzerland (5-time award winner) with up to 21 Mbit / s. Many devices you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with the Mobile Travel Hotspot. Hours full power once fully charged, keeps the Mobile Travel Hotspot online six to eight hours. You can charge it with any Micro USB cable.

Steps for Unlock Your  swisscom mobile travel hotspot Router And Use All networks 

1. Make sure your router charged At-least 20 %

2. Just insert a non acceptable Other Network sim on your Router (You have to use another than Original sim into your router).

3. After changing the another network providers sim on your router switch the device on. It will display “Invalid SIM” because you have used another network providers sim.

4. Now just establish a WiFi connection to router to  your PC (Or) IPAD / IPHONE / Android Device

5. Connect your  router to  PC and Open Broaswer and Open this anyone link (i) [or] http://pocket.wifi and login to your device dashboard ( use admin default password ) Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings  - Unlock Device – Enter Unlock Code [ For unlock code refe NOTE ]– Click on Apply.


Open your Settings – Dial-up – Unlock SIM card – Enter Unlock code  Click OK [ For unlock code refe NOTE ] and the device will reboot to display the new network

Note :-

Don’t try to insert wrong Unlock codes into your Router , Then it will be locked permanently. [ You can Get The right unlock Code Via Submitting Your details To  contact form ]

(Or) Directly Email to [email protected]

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