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* Jailbreak Unlock huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana and use all network Opertors

Work from anywhere. Have fun on the Internet everywhere you go. With MTN Mi-Fi, you can create your own personal hotspot and share it with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices on a single data subscription. Enjoy the best Internet experience on MTN’s reliable 3.75G network.

What you get

Stay connected wherever you are.
Light and pocket-sized for ultimate mobility.
Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices.
Can be charged via a USB port.

Model E5331s-2 (Mi-Fi)
GSM Bands HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS 2100/900MHz EDGE/GPRS/GSM 1900/1800/900/850 MHz
Battery 1150mAh Li-Ion battery
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 b/g/n
Edge Yes
Size (H x W x D) 92.8mm × 60.0mm × 13.8mm
Weight 82 g (including battery)

Guide to Unlock huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana and use all network Opertors 

step 1 :   Insert Other Network SIM card into Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana 

Step 2 :   Power On Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana And wait ! Now Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana says a Prompt msg as

           "Invalid Sim " Or Any Other Sim Rejection Message 

  Because now u r using to Another Network Operator 

  Dont Worry just Move next Step 

Step 3 :   Now just establish a WiFi connection to Router with your 
  Computer (Or) Mac /Ipod / Iphone/ Tab

Step 4 :   Connect Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana Wifi And Open Your Browser And Enter Any one IP [OR] http://pocket.wifi [OR]

Step 5 :   Login Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana Dashboard And Go to Given Step
  Now Select Go to Advanced Settings Menu –> SIM Settings
   -> Unlock Device –> Enter " Unlock Code " – Click on Apply.

Step 6 :   Now Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana Activated Unlocked And Ready To Use All Networks 

Note   :   Dont Enter Any wrong code to your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana , For Code Just send Your huawei E5331s-2 MTN ghana 
  Details to contact form " Unlock router 10 Minutes "  (OR)
  EMail  [email protected]

* U can Purchse Our Online Cart 

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