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How to Unlock ( E5786,E5377) Orange Domino key France ( Use ALL SIM Cards ) - Unlock Instructions, Unlock code Domino key

Domino 4G + E5786
AvisHuawei Domino 4G + E5786 (0 reviews) advising
The first Domino supports 4G + Orange

Compatible with the 4G network + Orange, Domino that allows a theoretical maximum speed up to 223Mbit / s. You can watch HD movies and download music without constraint. Orange + 4G is being rolled out, accessible to Strasbourg and Toulouse, Paris in October. Also compatible with the 4G Orange network which covers 70% of the French population.
Compatible + 4G network up to 223 Mbit / s up to 150 Mbit and 4G / s
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

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How To Unlock Your Domino 4G + E5786 , E5377

  1. Insert Non-Orange SIM card into modem ( Other Network SIM )
  2. Power device on – wait until the device has completed it’s initialization
  3. Make sure there is a connection between the WiFi Modem and the client (eg computer)
  4. Start an Internet browser and enterhttp:// in the address bar. (The default password is admin).
  5. Enter the password, and then click Login ( id , password is admin )
  6. Select Settings Menu
  7. Select Dialup and then Unlock SIM
  8. Enter unlock code and then click Apply
  9. Unit resets itself if successful.

Note : Dont Use Any wrong code to your Domino Orange Router , if u use its locked permanely 

for unlock code u can purchase here Or Contact [email protected]

Simply Use the Contact form ( top page right side ) 

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