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@@ Jailbreak ZTE MF65 unlock your ZTE MF65 instructions, unlock code for ZTE MF65 , Unlock Wind italy ZTE MF65m

Unlock Code for ZTE MF65 Wifi ,  ZTE MF65 sim lock code, how to unlock ZTE MF65 device

Hi, In this articles We discuss about Recently launched operator ZTE MF65    Wifi device (mobile broadband). ZTE MF65  device have many facilities to use but the biggest problem is we can't use any other SIM service in that device (because is locked).  So, here we provide solution for to use all other network operator SIM service [any country] and also how to use another network SIM services in your ZTE MF65  .

If you are ready to use another network Services in your ZTE MF65  Wifi device, please follow this step by step instructions its help you to unlock your ZTE MF65   & make your device as to use any network's supportable ! [worldwide-SIM free]  Our Previous Posts

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Here, We also provide the ZTE MF65   specifications and How to unlock your ZTE MF65   with free instructions.

ZTE MF65 ( MF65 M)

HSDPA fino a 21.6 Mbps
Supporta fino a 10 connessioni Wi-Fi
Autonomia fino a 6 ore in uso continuativo
Servizio SMS

More and more 3G Mobile hotspot is available now from ZTE.  ZTE MF65 is the new 3G HSPA+ mobile hotspot to share your 3G signal chip with up to 5 devices at the same time! With this mini modem router you can share the 3G internet with your chip or any device that has Wi-Fi or even a computer by connecting it via the USB cable! Possessing this MicroSD card slot mini router modem ZTE MF65, you can share the contents of any MicroSD card up to 32GB across the entire network! ZTE MF65 is one of the best mobile pocket routers to use at your home or in office!
Basic Information

Radio HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS 2100/1900/900 (850)MHz
EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Peak Data Rate HSPA+:DL 21.6Mbps/UL 5.76Mbps
Dimensions 102mm × 50mm × 13.7mm
Battery 1500mAh

System Information

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, 10 Wi-Fi connections
Messaging SMS
OS Win8, Win7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, Mac OS
Memory MicroSD Slot, up to 32GB
Others OLED Screen display, 3 LED light indicators, AP/STA, Multi SSID, WPS, IPv6

Easy steps to unlock your ZTE MF65    instructions, unlock code for ZTE MF65   :

Should look in device:

1. first you must check your  ZTE MF65  Mobile WiFi router is have atleast 30 % charge if not charge it.

2. Just insert a non acceptable Network sim (i.e. another Network SIM) on your ZTE MF65  router SIM card slot. (Now is shows you message like SIM lock (or) no signal (or) Invalid SIM).

3. After changing the another network providers sim on your  WiFi / MiFi switch the device on. Don't panic because you are using another network providers SIM.

4. Now just establish a WiFi connection to  ZTE MF65  WiFi/MiFi router with your PC / IPAD / IPHONE / Android Device.

should do in System:

1. Connect your ZTE MF65  with PC and login to your device’s dashboard at OR OR 

2. Go to Advanced Settings –> SIM Settings –> Unlock Device –> Enter Unlock Code –> Click on Apply.


   Open your Settings –> Dial-up –> Unlock SIM card –> Enter 8 digits unlock code (NCK Code) in your  ZTE MF65  WiFi MiFi router. 

3. Click OK then the device will reboot to display the new network.

Note :  Don't Enter Wrong Code to Your  ZTE MF65  WiFi Mobile Router , If u Enter wrong, Your device will be locked permanently 

For Genuine Unlock code, U can purchase here from online purchase option here  (OR) send your details on given contact form  ( unlock your router in 10 minutes - right side top page )

Also u can contact email id :

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