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@@ Jailbreak R216 Vodafone INDIA wifi and use Any Sim Service - India - R216 Unlock code vodafone India, how to unlock instructions for R216 vodafone

HUAWEI Vodafone India R216  WIFI

Hi ! Recently   operator launched Vodafone India R216  WIFI mobile broadband this device looks cool design and compact with your pocket! u can travel with anywhere
with using wifi from your Vodafone India R216  WIFI,And stylish looked light weight - long time battery Life - connected up to 10 device wifi sharing- USB Cable -Good Wifi transfer Speed

Problem  : This Vodafone India R216  WIFI Comes with LOCKED INSDE , means u cant use another network operators

solution : U can jailbreak unlock here  After jailbreak unlock Vodafone India R216  WIFI your device u can use any networks worldwide


Step 1. Make Sure your Vodafone India R216  WIFI device working Properly with Your Default Networtk Sim 

Step 2. Now check your Vodafone India R216  WIFI device charged minimum 30 % charge (OR) Connected with Power supply !

Step 3. Now Remove Your SIM card And Put Other Network Operator SIM Inside Your Vodafone India R216  WIFI Device

Step 4. Just Turn On Your Device And Wait few Seconds , Now Your Vodafone India R216  WIFI Device Says " INVALID SIM " (OR) ANY SIM Rejected Message Prompted ! 

Message :-  Don't Worry ! You Just Changed Other Operator SIM Inside SO this Message Prompted ! Just Continue Next Step 

5. Just Connect And Eastablish Your Vodafone India R216  WIFI and Connect To Your  Any Pc Or Laptop / apple / smart phone / tablet 

Make Sure Your Wifi Conneted and Now Open Internet browser and Enter (Or) (Or) (or)

(or) Enter Your Device Default IP ( device back side u can see it )

After Entering Ip address Login Your Device With User id Admin , Password Admin 

Now Your device redirected to " Enter SIM LOCK Code Page With Box "

Enter Unlock Code Click Apply . 

[ OR ]

If your Vodafone India R216  WIFI Device Not Redirected to " Enter SIM LOCK Code Page "

Just Do this manually 

     >  Navigate to Settins > Dial Up > Find The " SIM lock Menu" And Enter The Unlock Code 


    > Navigate To Settings > Advanced Settings > " Sim Lock " Enter Unlock Code  and Click Apply ! 

Step 6. Now Your Device Unlocked And U can use Any sim Service Worldwide !

NOTE : Do not Enter Any Wrong Code Or free codes to your Vodafone India R216  WIFI Device !  Then Your Device LOCKED PERMANANTLY ! 
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