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@@ Free Unlock Huawei B310 - Without Open screws tips tricks , without usb cable without solder free unlock B310 ,B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852

Huawei launched last 3years successfully for LTE routers 4G which called models " huawei B310 , B310 ,B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852"  now days many users, supplliers using with locked sim card which means u cannot use another operators, but here we provide the solution to unlock and use all sim cards worldwide and more benifits

Problem :-

Here the Huawei B310) is Looking good but the problem is Device Is locked

Solution :

Here we can unlock the Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) with very easy process !

B310 after unlock  u can use

fast speed
bridge mode
unlimted band
unlimited access
super wed interface with no operators logo
custom features
sms, USSD, scan QR code,
multi launages supports upto 42  launages

Huawei B310s

Setting up the service is incredibly simple, which makes for a refreshing change from most broadband services, And it’s a plain device all around. A simple black oblong with sloping sides, it will look inconspicuous in most homes, blending into the background like a router should.
You can set your Huawei B310s up yourself, so there’s no need to wait weeks to get online. All you have to do is insert the supplied SIM card, plug the box in and turn it on. You should then have instant home internet. Both unexciting and inoffensive, it benefits from being quite compact at 181 x 126mm, so you can tuck it away almost anywhere.


In many ways Huawei B310s is a fairly simple service with few features – though you can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously at a distance of up to 250 metres, so unless you have the smartest of smart homes or live in a mansion, you’ll probably be able to get everything online.

But while the box itself isn’t packed full of features, the simplicity and flexibility of it are key selling points.

It’s simple to set up, as discussed above, and you don’t need a home landline to use it, potentially saving you a lot of money, not to mention the annoyance of having cables trailing around.

This simplicity also means you can use it just about anywhere. All you need is Three signal and electricity. And while it’s unlikely to match the fastest home broadband speeds, it’s a whole lot faster than what you’ll likely be getting if you can’t get fibre broadband where you are.

How to Jailbreak Unlock Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) 4G Wifi Router - Step By Step Instructions Free 

1.Make sure your Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) Wifi Router  device charged 40 % atleast (or) connected to Pc via USB cable 

Remove your default SIM and insert another network SIM. (Examples: if u using default SIM  is Vodafone Remove it,Change Other operator Sim Card )

2. Turn on Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) device now device says "invalid sim " Or any SIM rejected Message 

Dont worry just plug Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) device and Connect device to Pc via USB Cable ( Or ) Eastablish the Wifi to Your Computer 

3. Make Sure Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) device connected to computer via usb cable (or) wifi and Now just open browser enter Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) Device Login Ip address 

 (OR ) ( OR) (OR) (OR)   check default Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) device IP address on device back side sticker

4. After Entering IP Login With Username : admin , Password : admin   now device will automatically redirect to enter unlock page 

If not Redirect to unlock page 

Go to Settings > Diap Up - Unlock SIM - Enter 8 digit Unlock code 


Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings  - Unlock Device – Enter Unlock code  – Click on Apply !

5. Now your Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) device will shows network signals and strats working !!!

6. Enjoy now your Huawei B310 (B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 ) device unlocked Successfully ! and ready to use any networks worldwide 

Note : Do not Enter any wrong unlock code for your device then u will be loss the device , purchase genuine unlock code here by select model details in top side purchasing cart 
       " Purchase Online Your Genuine Code (c) Huawei 2018  "  also u can contact via the contact form " top right side unlock in 10 min" 

user or suppliers also can contact us for who need bulk unlock

free unlock code for huawei B310s-927 , B310s-22 ,B310As-852 ,B310s-925 , B310As-852 

supported firmwares 

B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.290.01.DM01.750
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.313.06.00.952
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.1326
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.59
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.101.59
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.00.750
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.00.1463
B310_Unlock firmware version_11.326.01.00.1342
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.311.06.03.55
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.313.03.00.1214
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.1291
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.33
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.647
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.01.09
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.01.409
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.02.409
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.03.33
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.01.1214
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.61.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.62.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.00.738
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.00.849
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.02.37
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.03.32
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.30.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.90.00
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.00.141
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.00.738
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.01.1214
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.01.738
B310s-925_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.01.1226
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.1304
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.01.1228
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.03.1269
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.1158
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.93
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.00.393
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.00.393
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.00.1151
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.00.1151
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.DM0.1065
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.323.03.DM1.1065
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.326.03.00.1151
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.313.06.01.750
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.1325
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.759
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.51.59
B310As-852_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.51.59
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.311.03.27.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.311.03.28.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.311.05.02.55
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.311.06.05.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.313.03.00.141
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.313.06.00.85
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.32
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.02.33
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.04.33
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.1265
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.1379
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.26
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.00.408
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.02.314
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.03.32
B310s-22_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.03.32
B310s-518_Unlock firmware version_21.313.03.00.995
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.311.05.00.306
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.313.06.02.1179
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.00.306
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.01.1269
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.01.1269
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.316.01.01.1269
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.318.01.03.284
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.01.1304
B310s-927_Unlock firmware version_21.321.03.DM0.1269


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  1. Need unlock code for Huawei b310 22 imei is 863605032530729

    MODEL ; B310s-927
    IMEI ; 866175026745243

  3. i need code for huawei b310s22 868465034861027

  4. Huawei b310s IMEI 869341024760652 please send code simlock..

  5. slt. besoin de code de déverouillage.
    IMEI: 868465036132021

  6. B310s-22
    IMEI: 867058020630471

  7. I need unlock code B310As-852
    Pleace send Me

  8. I need to unlock code for B310As-852
    Pleace send me

  9. Help sir my WiFi HUAWEI -B310-B556 but no have WiFi key I am forget help me

  10. Need unlock code for b310-927
    IMEI 866855025405820

  11. Please help find Unlock Code ..
    For 2 Huawei Router
    IMEI : 869341028280152
    IMEI : 869341026663573

    Please send the unlock code to my email ..
    Thanks for all bro ...

  12. Please help find Unlock Code ..
    For 2 Huawei Router
    IMEI : 869341028280152
    IMEI : 869341026663573

    Thanks for all ..

  13. Please help find Unlock Code ..
    For 2 Huawei Router
    IMEI : 869341028280152
    IMEI : 869341026663573

    Thanks for all ...

  14. Need sim lock

  15. Hello just to unlock my huawei B310s-22 Imei863605037465046

  16. MTN Huawei B310s-22
    IMEI 867058025361353


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