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Free @ Guide to Jailbreak Unlock Huawei B618s-66d Telstra 4GX Modem,Unlock code , how to unlock , use all sim free Guide unlock instructions tips tricks B618s-66d huawei telstra

Huawei B618s-66d  From Austrlia telstra  Review And Unlock :- 

Huawei B618s-66d is a customized router from Australian network carrier Telstra, who gives it a new name “Telstra 4GX Modem”. The Telstra 4GX Modem router has same shape as the two brother model, but it has Telstra logo on the front instead of Huawei logo. The LED indicators are still there, including three antenna indicators, Power indicator, Status indicator, LAN, WiFi and data usage indicators.

On the back of the Huawei B618 Telstra, the two connectors for external antennas are available and covered by a small tap. The connector type is TS-9. Below are the power button, USB 2.0 Port and two Ethernet ports for LAN. There is no battery in the Huawei B618 router, so the Power plug for adapter is also available. However, unlike the Huawei B618s-22d, the Ethernet ports in Telstra 4GX Modem B618s-66d are both for LAN. In B618s-22d, one is for LAN and the other one is for both LAN and WAN.

The SIM card slot is at the bottom of the Telstra 4GX Modem. The Reset button is at the side of the SIM card slot. And a stick indicates the model B618s-66d, SSID, WiFi Key, IP, user name, password, WPS pin, IMEI number, S/N number, and some certificates etc… The Huawei B618s-66d uses Micro-SIM card.

Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem) Specs Review

Support 4GX Cat11
Support 4G LTE Frequency Band 1/3/5/7/28 700/850/1800/2100/2600MHz
Support 4 x 4 MIMO
Support up to 20 WiFi-enabled devices simultaneously
WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz and 5GHz
SIM Type: Micro(3FF)
2 x LAN ports(RJ45), 1 X USB(2.0) port to connect a printer or storage drive
Huawei Hilink App. Easy management by smartphone or pad

On the Telstra official site, it doesn’t list the LTE Band 28. We re-checked with Telstra and get confirmation that Huawei B618s-66d Telstra 4GX Modem supports Band 28. The Huawei official site says the Huawei B618 Australia router could support maximum up to 64 users, but the Telstra 4GX Modem supports only 20 devices simultaneously 

thanks source https://www.4gltemall.com/

How to Jailbreak Unlock Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  4G Wifi Router - Step By Step Instructions Free 

1.Make sure your Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  Wifi Router  device charged 40 % atleast (or) connected to Pc via USB cable 

Remove your default SIM and insert another network SIM. (Examples: if u using default SIM  is Vodafone Remove it,Change Other operator Sim Card )

2. Turn on Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  device now device says "invalid sim " Or any SIM rejected Message 

Dont worry just plug Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  device and Connect device to Pc via USB Cable ( Or ) Eastablish the Wifi to Your Computer 

3. Make Sure Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  device connected to computer via usb cable (or) wifi and Now just open browser enter Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  Device Login Ip address 

 (OR ) ( OR) (OR) (OR)   check default Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  device IP address on device back side sticker

4. After Entering IP Login With Username : admin , Password : admin   now device will automatically redirect to enter unlock page 

If not Redirect to unlock page 

Go to Settings > Diap Up - Unlock SIM - Enter 8 digit Unlock code 


Go to Advanced Settings – SIM Settings  - Unlock Device – Enter Unlock code  – Click on Apply !

5. Now your Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  device will shows network signals and strats working !!!

6. Enjoy now your Huawei B618s-66d (Telstra 4GX Modem)  device unlocked Successfully ! and ready to use any networks worldwide 

Note : Do not Enter any wrong unlock code for your device then u will be loss the device , purchase genuine unlock code here by select model details in top side purchasing cart 
       " Purchase Online Your Genuine Code (c) Huawei 2018  "  also u can contact via the contact form " top right side unlock in 10 min" 


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