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Jailbreak @ Free Unlock B315s-607 Vividwireless Austrlia Optus unlock and use all sim , instructions ,simlock unlock code firmware version( 21.316.01.03.33 , 21.329.01.02.1385, 21.333 .1385,21.321.03.00.1385

welcome ! recently huawei launched B315s-607 wifi router with firmware version( 21.316.01.03.33 , 21.329.01.02.1385, 21.333 .1385,21.321.03.00.1385 )from vividwireless australia Operator  with network operator locks, which means u cant use with all other network sim card in the same router with firmware version 21.316.01.03.33 from vividwireless australia Operator  , but no wory here we porvide very simple proces to unlock , u can follow it 
and unlock your huawei router with firmware version 21.316.01.03.33 from vividwireless australia Operator  with operator free and use all sim card worldwide , here we provided easy steps tounlock
your router with firmware version 21.316.01.03.33 from vividwireless australia Operator  ! very simple unlocking , just enter code direclty .

- no need open screws to unlock device , no bootshot

- unlimited speed

- unlimited band access u can use 

- no network limitation u can use worldwide

- no rental sim need , no roaming , u can use local sim when u travel 

- permanent unlock , Sms USSD , Multi launague function with Band selection 1800 ( 40 Mbps ) 

++ more features 

Instructions to unlock vividwireless australia  Huawei B315s-607 router firmware version 
( 21.316.01.03.33 , 21.329.01.02.1385, 21.333 .1385,21.321.03.00.1385 )

1. Insert any other netwrok sim card make sure other network sim ( example if your device is orange insert vividwireless )

2. now turn on device normally, then eastablish wifi ( or ) via usb cable  connect your B315s-607  device to PC / laptop or ipod / iphone / tablet

3. Open any browser and enter given default ip ( probably ( or )   ) 

tip :-u can check device default ip in device back side sticker ( under battery) 

tip2 :- if ip not opend ( remove other internet connection to avoid same ip clash and try again ) 

4. Now your dashboard will open with your operator logo with sim lock option , like this screenshort

just login device by username password  ( default login  username : admin   , password  : admin )

5. if u see enter unlock code in box u have to enter 8 or 16 digit right geniune unlock code , enter the code and apply it  

unlock done !  bhoom ! device now unlocked ready to use all sim service !

Dont wait ! now just u can order your genuine code here read note and place order 

Note : - Do not Enter any wrong code in device then it will lock permanently , u can place order here in top page 

" Purchase Online Your Genuine Code (c) Huawei 2020 "

select model  in the list  - if model not in list contact support 

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select your country as  " worldwide " in the list 

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example  866324578541256 ( to know imei check device back side sticker image inside battery near sim slot ) 

Enter your Email id  in the box

example  [email protected] 

then u can place order with buy now button after placed order we send u email ASAP  10 min to 24 hrs max 

for order support :- 

tip :- for quick unlock delivery u can contact us via " unlock in 10 min contact form "with your details in this top page (or) Live chat support 

(or )  use whatspp msg +91 8695459892 Email : [email protected]

thank u 

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