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Guide @@ Unlock In 10 min Reliance WD670 "USE ANY SIM " Jio , airtel , VI, "Guide to unlock WD670 Reliance and start use all SIM Sim card Free Instructions , how to unlock reliance Software Version WD670_Reliance 4G_B06,04,02,05,07 all versions supported :-

For instant unlock send your unlock request here https://www.123formbuilder.com/form-4159364/

Hello everyone ! do u  have your old Reliance wifi pod modem router with no longer used after shutdown reliance network ! ? and are  u thinking to use any other sim card in the reliance modem ? like  Jio (OR) Airtel (OR) Vi  networks ? 
If yes ! :) u are in the right place :)

Just Spend 10 min to unlock your reliance wifi pod and start use any sim card permanently 

supported Software versions for unlocking 

WebUI Version WD670_Reliance 4G_W02 

Software Version WD670_Reliance 4G_B02

Hardware Version WD670_Reliance 4G_M01

WebUI Version WD670_Reliance 4G_W04 

Software Version WD670_Reliance 4G_B04

Hardware Version WD670_Reliance 4G_M01

WebUI Version WD670_Reliance 4G_W06

Software Version WD670_Reliance 4G_B06

Hardware Version WD670_Reliance 4G_M01

WebUI Version WD670_Reliance 4G_W07 

Software Version WD670_Reliance 4G_B07

Hardware Version WD670_Reliance 4G_M01

WebUI Version WD670_Reliance 4G_W05 

Software Version WD670_Reliance 4G_B05

Hardware Version WD670_Reliance 4G_M01

How to WD670_Reliance 4G Wi pod  Step By Step Easy Instructions  :- 

step 1. turn on your WD670_Reliance 4G Wi pod , without sim 

step 2. open back side cover near battery u can see Reset button 

step 3.  just hold reset button with tooth pic or pen and relse hand 

step 4. Now u can establish  your Reliance 4G Wi pod and connect to your PC/ laptop /Ipad/ tablet/smartphone .

step 5. make sure Its connected and Open browser hit enter 

step 6. Now u can login the reliance with  Username  admin  , Password  admin  ( case sensitive both small letter )

step 7. Now navigate to Click the About Menu and  Note your software version  like  this  screenshot 

Step 8.  now take screenshort your screen and send whatsApp msg to  +91 8695459892 

we proivde u support and make it unlocked then u can start use all sim card like this 


Note : - Do not try anything wrong method in your reliance pod then it will be lock permanently  , we provide u unlock with support charges apply 300 INR only, u can contact us also in this top page " unlock in 10 Min " contact form 

if  u using web whatspp u can also click here to direct whatspp msg me for quick unlock / Live chat support ( or ) Email


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  1. It is working with other carrier sim now. Thank a lot for your support


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